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I want to devour your breasts – Ramaphosa tells Caiphus and Letta’s granddaughter

Solly Makganoto

Papa devour me.  This was a plea to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa by one of the eight young women the presidential hopeful had an extra-marital relationship with. To which Ramaphosa responded: “Show me those succulent breasts baby. I want to devour those breasts. This is the juicy email communication between Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and one of the eight women he is romantically linked with.



Leaked emails in WeeklyXposé’s possession show that the woman, who claims to be the granddaughter of internationally-acclaimed music couple, Letta Mbulu and Caiphus Semenya, dared Ramaphosa: “I want to see you today, I’ll be in the marquee I guess, I want to feed you my succulent breasts.” The emails show the duo started communicating last year until February this year. The emails show that Reabetswe Matseleng Seakeco, a Cape Town University graduate, had an intimate relationship with Ramaphosa until she left the country in October last year.



In an email dated 22 August 2016 after sending Ramaphosa her half-naked picture, Seakeco wrote to Ramaphosa: “I’m running out of erotic memories of you, your voice and your… to ease the tension caused by your absence. We still haven’t had that meeting. It’s been long since I’ve heard you say Fa Papa, I’m aroused just now thinking of it.” Documents in WeeklyXposé’s possession show that initially, Seakeco used to be in contact with Ramaphosa making use of her real name in her email address, but in July 2016 she created a new account with an alias: Uhuru Diallo to protect the secretive nature of their relationship.



In one of her emails dated 5 January 2017, Seakeco, whom is believed to be in the United Kingdom, tacitly blames Ramaphosa for her decision to leave the country, accusing him of neglecting and abandoning her. “I really needed to talk to you about pressing matters at the time. Opportunities presented themselves and I needed to make important decisions regarding my career. I’ve had to readjust and return to the drawing board regarding my education, career development and personal life. I wanted you to be part of  those decisions, but your actions were not encouraging.”



Seakeco added: “You are a powerful, wealthy and well-resourced person. If you wanted to get into contact with me, you would have made the means to do so. Effortlessly. Yet you did not.”Seakeco is not the only woman among the eight linked to Ramaphosa to accuse him of abandoning her and not caring. Virtually all the women lamented bad treatment and being neglected by Ramaphosa.



In an Instagram post dated 25 November 2016 Seakeco in which she is pictured with music legends Letta Mbulu and Caiphus Semenya Seakeco says: “Me and the grandparents. Papa Caiphus and Mama Letta. #love #family.” The woman also sent Ramaphosa emails with pictures and videos of herself which are in WeeklyXposé possession. WeeklyXposé sent questions to Seakeco on the 27 September 2017. To date no response has been received. Questions were also emailed to Ramaphosa private and business email addresses. He has also not responded.


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