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Taking business by its principles

Ogopoleng Mushi

It has become rather ironic how everyone wants to so badly be different and yet still want the same path in life.

Let’s face it, this thing called life is a master mind. It seems to be smarter than anything else there is in existence. Life is a bit of a vast topic to look at, so how about we look at a little interesting topic that seems to follow in the trend of difficulty, business.



There are a lot of things that come into play when one considers getting into business. We will go through a couple that choose to cross the mind upon writing this.
1.       Thinking


This is one component every single person must possess when deciding to venture into the ruthless land of sharks and lions, the bulls and the bears. If you do not think, then someone else will, which means you will most probably find yourself where you did not intend to be.
Business is really a psychology. From how you are going to attain the initial capital to how you will be making sales. Thinking means doing some research as well so you won’t find yourself trapped with what you thought was a million-dollar idea.



2.       Goals
Let’s face it, starting a business is a backwards process. You have to see the end in order to try work a way of how to start it. This is what most people call having a vision. Look at it in this way, imagine if there was a manual on how to be Oprah Winfrey, or Warren Buffet or maybe Mark Zuckerberg. The three individuals would already know the end goal of who they will become once they follow the steps given by the manual.



That is how your goals must be in your business ideas or new ventures. Find the end and then work backwards, if you do not see it then chances are your business is purely not going to work.

3.       Dreaming Vs. Doing
Let’s face it, we all suffer from a dream syndrome. Taking all the time to act and using it to just sleep on money.



While you are busy sleeping on that money, there is someone else who is working on picking up the momentum. It helps starting immediately when you have something in mind, because we know of nothing that blossoms immediately. Unless it’s a volcano science project, but then again it took some time to build that mountain.
4.       Opportunities
This is now a place where pride goes for circumcision. If you want to be successful you have to let go of yourself. No one is going to sense or smell that there is a big idea in your head and that they should come and give you some sort of a chance to fulfil your dreams, you must fight to get what you want.



It is the very moment you get out of your shell and speak to people you hardly even speak to.  Negotiate with people that will not even take you seriously and message people that will not even respond. Do what you can to take every single chance you can, make the chance if you have to.

5.       Implementation
One of the hardest things to do when you are starting something is to implement. A lot of people have got a fear of failure but if you look at it, what do you really have to lose? You have nothing and you are nobody, if we really look at it from an honest perspective. Forget about how many “fans” you may have, all they do is just look at people’s lives all day and that’s about it. You make it people talk, you don’t they still do. They love you today, hate you tomorrow and then love you again next week… so forget about people, only focus on convincing them to give you their money.



This is one of the phases in business where you feel what I like to call “resistance”. When literally everything goes so wrong and sideways that you feel like the universe is throwing you rocks and nothing good will ever happen in your life. Fight against that because it is only then that you will see your breakthrough and attain your millions.
With that being said. Get up, stop sleeping on money and go make a name for yourself. There’s really nothing to lose, whatever will happen afterwards will only be another life lesson learned and just a chapter in your biography.



Follow your dreams, go bananas in pursuing what you want and be selfish with your time.

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