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Miss Air 2017- Orielia Pria Egambaram

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This week we cover an overview of the biography of Miss Air, Miss Earth SA First Runner-up, who went on a journey filled with a lot of community work and giving back.


Orielia Pria Egambaram was born on the 16th of September 1993, in Kwa-Zulu Natal. She later moved to Swaziland in December 1994 to stay there full time after her father got a job in Clover Swaziland. She has since stayed in Swaziland and regards it as home. Orielia, also known as Oreo moved back into South Africa in 2012 to pursue her University Career in the University of Pretoria.




Family Background

“We are a pretty tight knit bunch”, she says. Having only one younger brother, she couldn’t be more secure since her brother likes to think he’s older- so you can imagine the entertainment that comes with that. There is only a Four of them at home, yet her mother’s presence always makes it feel like they are not a small family. “My mum is loud and outgoing, and yes! I take that from her. My father is the reserved, deep-thinker who always approaches a situation with much thought and prayer! They are pretty much a perfect pair and have been together for 25 years”




Schooling Career

Oreo seems to have always taken school very seriously, and she regards herself as “being a nerd in school”

Grade 1-3: Enjabulweni Primary School.

Grade 4-7: Home schooled at Stepping Stones Christian Academy.

Grade 8-9: She went to Waterfront Kamhlaba UWC where she stayed in boarding school.

Grade 10-12: Sisekelo High School, Aslo staying in boarding school.

BSc. Biochemistry: University of Pretoria

BSc. Honours in Chemistry: University of Pretoria

MSc. Applied Chemistry: CSIR and University of Johannesburg (currently underway)



“I was definitely a nerd in school! When I was younger I realy wasn’t fond of going outside, but all that changed when my brother showed up on the scene. Always the overachiever at school- finishing tasks prior to the deadline and ever so organised which definitely help me scoop awards and make in the Top 3 every season. I really devoted a lot to my academics and I still think of myself as quite an academic”







I enjoy building puzzles. “I’m talking the big 1500-piece puzzles. It became such as hobby and now many of these are framed and hung in our houses”- says Orielia.




Oreo never let anything get in the way of what she wanted, she forced her way into the boys’ cricket team in high school. “I’ve always loved cricket… it’s probably in my genes” said Oreo with a joking tone. She also played soccer as well as basketball. She took part in athletics too, and usually ran the 800m race during track events.



What you did NOT know about Oreo:


  • She is borderline OCD. Arranging all her clothes in colours in her closet. “My closet is actually a bit dull, consisting mainly of; navy, grey, black and white. Black is actually my favourite colour and I don’t think I could ever have enough black clothes.” Says Miss Pria


  • She always needs to diarize things with a set plan.


  • She cut her hair at the beginning of 2017 after having grown it from 2008. She then donated it to CANSA association so that they could use it to make a wig for cancer patients.




Miss Earth:


Orielia was not to confident entering to be a part of Miss Earth SA because she did not believe she had what it took to be in it. “After talking to one of the previous winners, Mireesha Narsai, I felt excited about it. So, I took the plunge and I am so glad that I did. I could have never imaged that I would grow so much by being a part of a woman’s leadership program like Miss Earth SA.


Oreo in a Butterfly dress


Oreo says she met the most phenomenal people like Mayor Herman Mashaba, Leanne Mannas and the girls she shared this journey with.



“I have honestly seen my personality blossom with this journey. I am so privileged to have been nominated as Miss Air 2017 and I am grateful to God for His grace and favour throughout this journey. I believe that going forward I will be able to use this platform to encourage and empower women to achieve their wildest dreams”



Orielia Pria Egambaram received so much support from her family and friends during this journey. “This journey has been phenomenal and this would not have been possible without them”



It is not too late to live your dreams and do the very things you have always wanted to do. Like Oreo, you can also do it! Stand up and go get it, consult if you need to, but whatever you do don’t give up



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