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AfriBusiness secures urgent interim interdict against ‘land grab’ in Hammanskraal

JOHANNESBURG, October 19 – AfriBusiness has announced that it has secured and “urgent interim interdict” against illegal “land grabbers” in Hammanskraal.

“AfriBusiness today obtained an urgent interim interdict on behalf of some of their members to thwart land grabbers who were illegally occupying land in Hammanskraal in the northern parts of Pretoria,” Charles Castle, AfriBusiness manager for the labour law advice unit, said in a statement late on Wednesday.

“We warn the public to keep a watchful eye on their property – especially in the coming festive season, as trespassing frequently increases during this time of year. Section 25 of the Constitution guarantees the right not to be arbitrarily deprived of your rightful property to everyone.”

He said AfriBusiness urges the South African Police Service and the Tshwane Metropolitan Police to proactively act, fulfil their duties and “protect the public’s” rights.

Castle added: “We must protect every centimetre of property that is in the possession of rightful owners. We cannot allow South Africa to degenerate into a second Zimbabwe”.

The return date to finalise the matter in court is 8 January 2018.


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