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Model agency seeks new legal representatives

JOHANNESBURG, October 13 – Pre-sentencing proceedings in the case of Kempton Park model agency boss, Dawie de Villiers, who has been found guilty of rape and other serious charges, were again postponed on Friday in the Johannesburg High Court.
During proceedings, Defence Advocate Riaan Greyling told Judge Cassim Moosa that the social worker was diagnosed with breast cancer and would be appointing private legal representatives who would only be available in February.
The founder of Modelling South Africa (PTY) was found guilty of rape, sexual assault, sexual grooming, fraud, exposure of pornography to children and access to child pornography in February, but his sentencing has been delayed for various reasons.
Greyling said the social worker would be undergoing surgery on Monday, 16 October, and would only be available from January next year.
State prosecutor, Arveena Persad, opposed any lengthy postponement, saying it was not “proper procedure”. The new private representatives were being briefed and were not present in court.
A representative from LP Baartman Attorneys told Judge Moosa the counsel dealing with the matter was “busy with another case” and would only be available next year.
Persad argued that dragging the matter on did not provide justice to De Villiers’ victims. The accused is out on bail, despite being found guilty of rape which could result in him being sentenced to life imprisonment.
“It’s not our fault that we didn’t get transcripts when I got on board,” Greyling said.
“He [De Villiers] feels he will be prejudiced if a probation officer from the state dealt with the matter, his already paid his probation officer and trusts her.”
The matter will back in court on 23 October.

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