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The ball is in NPA boss’s court – Zizi Kodwa

CAPE TOWN, October 13 – The African National Congress (ANC) national spokesman Zizi Kodwa on Friday said the National Prosecuting Authority should tell the country what its intentions were following the Supreme Court of Appeal ruling, which held that the withdrawal of 783 corruption and charges against President Jacob Zuma was irrational.

“We have full confidence in our judiciary and the options it offers to aggrieved parties, but at an appropriate time, in terms of the options, I think the affected parties would in time make comprehensive statements,” Kodwa said while speaking on television station eNCA.

He said policies of the ANC also protected the accused. ” … I don’t think we should succumb to mob injustice …” said Kodwa.

Pushed on the position of the ruling party, Kodwa said:  “The ANC doesn’t agree or disagree, its a matter of the court that’s why our courts are the final arbiters. The ANC, in terms of its feeling and emotions, is not important on the matter and I think those institutions of our democracy, our prosecuting authority must do their work, it’s not what the ANC thinks”.

Earlier on Friday morning SCA Justice Eric Leach upheld the high court’s decision to withdraw 783 charges of corruption and fraud against Zuma was irrational, saying that the decision to terminate the decision not to prosecute can not be faulted.

Kodwa said while the court case has affected the ANC brand, he trusted voters to separate the charges Zuma is facing from the organisation.


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