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#PapaPennyAhee is back and ‘separating the VIP from the NIP’

Solly Makganoto

JOHANNESBURG – Mzansi’s most decorated Tsonga music star, Eric Kobane aka Papa Penny, is back with Season 2 of his anticipated reality show ‘Papa Penny Ahee’ and of course it did not disappoint.

The Shangaan Disco musician Penny Penny’s reality show returned with his sense of humour, brutal honesty and of course those shiny outfits.

The first episode of season 2 of Papa Penny Ahee lived up to its expectations as fans of got to see more of Penny Penny’s colourful moments and who can forget his broken English.

The highlight of the showed when Penny Penny said that he is ‘separating VIP from the NIP’ in his birthday Party and also when his ordered his new personal chef to eat first because he was poisoned before and is scared that somebody might what to kill him.

Here are some favourite light-hearted moments that social media enjoyed from the first epiosode of Season 2 of Papa Penny Ahee:

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