Producer xSipping. Photo Credit: xSipping.

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xSipping and Caldo Hits Breaking Bread on these streets!!

A hectic producer-artist combo just hit the streets. South Africa will never be the same again. xSipping and Caldo Hits released Break Bread, their first song of their mix-tape, today!!


The duo is not featuring each other, this is a pure collaboration. The relationship between the two master minds go way back. Caldo and xSipping used to make music together back in university dormitories. “When everybody was out there partying in their free time, Caldo and I would be making music. We were known as the nig*#s who made music you know, he was known as a rapper and I was known as a producer”

Rapper Caldo Hits. Photo Credit: Caldo Hits.

Sipping and Caldo decided to do music together and to also release an extended play record (EP), which they are currently working on. According to producer, xSipping, the name of the song Break Bread implies “let’s get this money and when we do get the money, let’s not forget to break it because all the nig*#s need to eat”


The song starts by Caldo’s vocals saying “You cannot make sense of it, even if you tried” accompanied by amazing futuristic beats specially crafted by xSipping. The song continues to say “Can’t play, I cannot sleep I need that bread” implying that there is not much time to mess around because money needs to be made.


As per rap tradition, the song has a whole lot of shade and very well grounded prestigious disrespect. Things like, “These ni*#s think they got it but they backwards” and “I don’t practice I’m fully charged”. Not sure what you think, but this is class on one hundred!


Congratulations are in order. Let’s wait to see if the EP will match, exceed or disgrace the standard of the single.

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