Ellen Sirleaf Johnson of Liberia - Africa's first female president.

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Africa’s first female president to hand over power in Liberia

Voting in Liberia began on Tuesday to elect a new president and legislature.



It is the first time in more than seven decades that a democratically elected government participates in an election to hand over power.



Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, Africa’s first female president, will be stepping aside as 20 presidential candidates contest for a majority in the first round of elections, while nearly 1,000 candidates from 26 parties fight for 73 seats in the House of Representatives, AP reported.



An improvement in the economy and access to electricity are top priorities for more the more than 2.1 million voters.



Other challenges to the West African country include a decimated health system following the outbreak of Ebola as Liberia recovers from 14-years of civil war.



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