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Resources conflict uproots hundreds of Kenyan families

NAIROBI, October 5 – Raging inter-communal conflict due to the worst drought in years has displaced more than 200 families in central Kenya.

Families in the Baringo County have borne the brunt of the clashes over receding resources such as water and arable land in the East African country.

Some 146 families in Makutani and 60 households in Tangulbei have been uprooted during the violence pitting farming villagers and nomadic livestock herders.

Amid the skirmishes, some schools have been closed, forcing children from displaced families to attend classes at distantly located schools that are about 20 kilometres away from displacement camps.

This has caused congestion in host schools that have taken in the 350 affected children.

Drought is projected to persist with rain projected to be 20 to 30 percent below average in the ongoing season.

“This is likely to keep staple food prices persistently above five-year averages across the country, further constraining household food access,” a humanitarian spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the conditions at the displacement camps have raised fears of an outbreak of cholera currently battering the country to worsen.

A total of 55 deaths from 2 996 cases of the water borne disease have been reported in recent weeks.

The recurrent strike by nurses in demand of better working conditions and improved salaries are worsening the situation.

Clinical officers, pharmaceutical technologists and lab technicians have also joined the ongoing strike, which has now lasted over 100 days.

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