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UN to dismiss peacekeepers over sex offences

KHARTOUM, September 28 – The United Nations has warned it would dismiss its personnel found guilty of committing sexual exploitation in the troubled South Sudan.

A fresh campaign has been launched to prevent and respond to this kind of misconduct in the civil war-torn country.

The campaign builds on the so-called zero tolerance and no excuses stance taken by the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres.

Mumbi Mathangani, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) chief of conduct and discipline, reinforced the need for all personnel to understand that acts of sexual exploitation and abuse are serious human rights violations requiring an urgent response.

“There will be no second chances for any UN personnel found guilty of committing sexual exploitation,” she said.

The strategy in South Sudan comes after the UN established a live misconduct database allowing peacekeeping missions and UN Headquarters in New York to share information on cases of misconduct concerning UN personnel.

The campaign puts victims’ rights at the centre and focuses on strengthening investigations and reporting as well as increasing transparency.

UN peacekeepers are accused of crimes against victims in war-ravaged countries.

It is reported the organisation received about 2000 cases of sexual exploitation and abuse against its peacekeepers over the past decade.

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