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SA Christians put abortion back under the spotlight

JOHANNESBURG, September 28 – A group of Christians is planning a protest march against abortion on Sunday in the major urban centres of Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, East London and Cape Town.
Abortion is legal in South Africa.
The National Alliance for Life (NAL), which quotes the Christian Action Network as saying since 1997 there have been well over 1,400,000 abortions, on Wednesday said it will hold protest marches to coincide with “International Life Chain” Sunday, on 1 October. The NAL is a loose affiliation of churches and organisations, formed in 1995.
Citing “numerous peer-reviewed” studies on Post Abortion Syndrome, Taryn Lourens, International Coordinator of the Christian Action Network, said: “In stark contrast to pro-abortion groups, who have proclaimed today as the Global Day of Access for Safe and Legal Abortion, pro-lifers proclaim that no abortion is ever safe – a helpless pre-born baby is killed, and the mother is often physically, but always psychologically, wounded.
“Abortion is also the violation of the most basic Constitutional right – the Right to Life of innocent and defenceless citizens – the pre-born.”
The Christian Action Network said it believes the number of legal abortions is higher than the official amount “due to outstanding statistics from some provinces in previous years and a possible failure of some hospital officials to accurately record abortions in state hospitals”.
Under the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act South African women have productive rights.
However, the African Christian Democratic Party has proposed a private members bill that some fear could have severe consequences on women’s reproductive rights in South Africa, if passed. The matter is yet to be debated in Parliament.


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