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Woman accused of calling police officer the K-word may have to represent herself

JOHANNESBURG, September 26 – The disgraced estate agent who was caught on a cell-phone camera referring to a black police officer in derogatory terms may have to represent herself if her legal representatives are not present at her next court appearance, a Randburg magistrate warned her on Tuesday.

During a brief court appearance on Tuesday, Magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan told Vicky Momberg that no more postponements would be granted and that if her legal representatives were not present she would be have to deliver her closing arguments herself.

“If Mr Davidovitz is not present, you’ll represent yourself,” Raghoonandan told Momberg before postponing the matter.

Earlier, defence attorney Greg Morris requested a postponement due to advocate Joe Davidovitz not being available as he was suffering from severe stress and Parkinson’s disease.

Morris submitted a doctor’s note to the court and said that Davidovitz would only be available on October 13.

The attorney then said they could only proceed at the end of October as Momberg was traveling to KwaZulu-Natal.

Raghoonandan said she understood Davidovitz was not well but would only allow a postponement to October 17.

State prosecutor Yusuf Baba put it on record that Momberg had 21 days until her next court appearance and whether she proceeded with the same attorneys or not, he wanted the matter to proceed.

At Momberg’s previous appearance, Davidovitz wanted to withdraw his services as the situation between his firm and Momberg had become untenable. Momberg apparently had no confidence in them. The withdrawal request was denied by the court.

At her previous appearance, the State said Momberg was seen on the video using the “K” word 48 times. She is facing four charges of crimen injuria.

In February, footage of Momberg, 48, calling a police officer the ” K” word while he was assisting her following a smash-and grab incident in North Riding in Johannesburg went viral.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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