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From A to Boring… Again

Ogopoleng Mushi


So it just so happened that the lovely Queen B made yet another blunder. How do you manage to disappoint an entire nation in one year?

Take a look at this:




So you go out of your way to reply to an entire tweet that had literally nothing to do with you, follow the person and then put her hopes where they could never be again, and then finally unfollow the poor girl before even doing what you said you would… wow okay.



Also Black Twitter, haven’t your parents warned you about strangers online? Why would you be disappointed that you did not receive something that did not belong to you in the first place?



Bonang though, try girl. The book was an epic fail, the Sun City trip also, and now this? At some point you need to tell us if this is your marketing strategy or what, we will understand.


This is a few of the threads from the people:




Queen B, kindly reign supreme… the right way.



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