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Bully ThickLeeyonce wins Twitter 2017

Ogopoleng Mushi


Friday is upon thee, but have you heard? It just so turns out that body shaming is one sided and being

cruella is back in fashion. Did you also know that Cruella could play Mother Teresa in an hour after after fame? Oh, and the cherry on top, some dalmatians fell for it. Shocking!

“What in the green earth are you saying?” you might be thinking… well take a look at this:

A tweet made by ThickLeeyonce.

This is a tweet made made by someone who supposedly stands against body shaming. An icon to a lot of thick girls it seems. This brings us to the first point of the parable: body shaming being one sided. If i were to use a bit of some spice within me, i would say this is hate on level 100. When a person knows exactly how it feels to be made fun of, it will not be easy for them to throw shade on other people’s bodies. This clearly shows that “ThickLeeyonce” has had all the “shaming” of her body as a figment of her own imagination.


Let’s discuss the media and its way of selecting girls IT WANTS. Why would you take offence that a brand-let’s call it Dope Squad- bought 10 size 8 jeans for their advert and they need only size 8 girls? Would it make sense to get a size 14 girl? Dope Squad wants what they want. Now do not get things twisted, the point being driven here is that the people are attacking the mainstream media and not the other way around.


Let’s see what the people have to say about this.


Point is, she made a twee similar to this one:

Same tweet as “ThickLeeyonce”


And she got attention because she’s big and slamming skinny girls? Nice work fans. Anyways, congratulations on winning Twitter 2017.


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