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Does Rupert’s delinquent comment on RET unwittingly exposes the truly captured in our body-politick?

NDZ only senior ANC politician today challenge Rupert on RET

Johan Rupert, South Africa’s wealthiest man, the signpost of apartheid benevolence, the face of heretical regimes that dehumanized the masses, ventured to share his dismissive commentary on radical economic transformation. In the aftermath of a delinquent Rupert’s untested and nefarious claims of what Radical Economic means the ANC through its spokesmen Zizi Kodwa condemned Rupert’s utterances. Yet not a single senior politician dared to be bold to tell Rupert he has gone too far. If you wonder why there is this truculence to rebuke the delinquent Rupert, is it because his web of business interests that spans the SA corporate world captures many. There are those who remonstrate ANC already addressed the matter, yet they forget to accept that leaders speak all the time regardless as to whether they ANC expressed its official response or not.

We had expected the contenders and pretenders to ANC high office to venture sharing their respective prisms of discomfort with this apartheid made billionaire. It appears the only time you can truly challenge Johan Rupert if you not captured by his synapsis and web of cross-owned companies that literally litters if not defines the corporate face of South Africa. We may therefore rightfully conclude when you have never been captured by capital, you can tell Johan Rupert where to get off!

If you wonder why the vocal faith groups are silent to rebuke to Rupert, think it not strange to follow who supports their foundations, programmes, initiatives  and key events and you are likely to find a Rupert fingerprint on that. How then can we as South Africans expect those who sing every day state capture-yet is captured by white monopoly capital to remotely express their discomfort with Rupert’s jaundiced yawning.

Hitherto not a single statement from the SACC, CASAC, FUL, and all the notable foundations from Mandela to Kathrada, they do not share with us their opinions as they daily do. How are we to interpret the silence of the many that makes up our bodypolitik, how are we to exonerate them from a claim of being captured as their silence confirms, while they point fingers at others in claims of being captured.

By now we all know that only one contender for ANC high office Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma consistently proves unequivocal and categorical on the 2012 adopted policy of the African National Congress exemplified in radical economic transformation. It is her flagship and core manifesto. She does not just echo it but she is more and more making it practical in everyday life sense. Her recent address at the funeral Indaba in Durban again showed uncontested grasp on what is needed to transform this sector that is kept alive by black capital. NDZ has done her homework on RET and she is taking it very serious. It is therefore not surprising to hear her in solitary voice to respond  the indolence  of apartheid’s beneficiary par excellence when he spits on RET,  which holds the future for many.

NDZ thus far is the only contender to publicly rebuke Johan Rupert on his distasteful commentary on RET. We must ask where is the business mogul Deputy President Ramaphosa who equally has benefitted grossly from black economic empowerment as ANC policy? Why is the ANC’s Social Transformation chair Lindiwe Sisulu failing to protest the immorality of Rupert on this score. She fears not speaking up in claims of ANC renewal, yet for days on end after Rupert’s statement she remains silent.

Why is Treasurer General Zweli Mkhize silent when he is not silent on state capture? Can we hear the ANC Policy head Jeff Radebe on this subject and his discomfort on Rupert. Is the ANC chairperson Baleka Mbete still in the race, and does she have an opinion on Rupert’s desecration of ANC policy. Where is the Secretary General of the ANC Gwede Mantashe who misses no chance to venture his opinion daily. Where is the voice of the former treasurer Matthew Phosa, who always rebuke general ANC leadership, he is gone to the proverbial grave on this score.

Since we are in a very important election season, we may not afford any contender or pretender a free pass, we must ask why the deafening silence of those who had lifted their hands to be trusted to lead the ANC and SA by extension. Can the ANC afford to have contenders who refuse to engage its fundamental policy that is aimed at delivering change for the truly poor? Can the ANC continue to not ask its own leaders why they are silent. Why can’t these contenders and pretenders defend the ANC policy? Are we to surmise they agree with Rupert – are they worthy to be trusted to lead the ANC when they can’t defend its policy?

Their individual and collective silence on defending ANC policy is discomforting, yet speaks volumes on where their loyalties lie.

When you are not captured by white monopoly capital, you will tell the richest apartheid benefactor his statement insults black intelligence and struggle. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma is not captured by capital regardless of its colour. She showed us a long time ago when she as health minister was willing to take on the tobacco industry, a nerve of Rupert’s core interest. She challenged the industry and forced it to admit tobacco is harmful. We know she is disliked for that. It is only the uncaptured that can stand up when capital has swallowed the majority of those who define themselves as leaders and struggle veterans. It is only the uncaptured that will become restless to register a protest against the proverbial goliath of SA economy, Johan Rupert.

We need brave and courageous leadership for the 13th presidency of the ANC, we need leadership who is not captured and does not owe their economic existence to capital, regardless to how defined. The opportunity for other contenders to now speak on the matter is lost and we will know even if they venture an opinion it will be nothing but politics at play, hardly authentic in origin and necessarily not sincere.

We need Radical Economic Transformation to be implemented that’s why we need Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to lead us come December 2017

Sparks Motseki
Chairperson of Inkululeko Foundation

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