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WATCH: Cassper admits cheating

Ogopoleng Mushi



Nyovest the best for chest pains. You would think that a person would be civil in telling the truth after a relationship has ended, but not according to Cassper.


Not too sure who told Cassper Nyovest that it makes it better to tell the world exactly how you cheated on your woman. It is rather unfair and very unfortunate how he chose to disclose so much information about his affair(s), and still lied to Boity that “I had to exaggerate a bit just so that the song [works].”


Cassper’s real name is Refiloe Maele. Let’s dive into that shall we? First of all, Refiloe means “We have been given…” this is in Setswana and other Sotho languages. Maele means “advice”. You would think that this man would be full of wisdom, going around passing proverbs but hey; only the name seems to make sense in this instant. He has dearly been given to multiple women.


Really, Cassper?


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