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Defence confident about possible exoneration in Yende murder case

JOHANNESBURG, September 18 – The defence in the case against David Ngwenya who allegedly murdered Eskom employee Thembisile Yende said on Monday that new evidence could exonerate him in the matter.
During proceedings at the Springs Magistrates Court, Zola Majavu told the court that new evidence was awaited which could exonerate Ngwenya from the matter and another bail application would possibly be made.
The State requested a postponement for further investigation, which included possible new suspects and DNA results.
Speaking outside court, Majavu, for Ngwenya, said that DNA could point to his innocence and once evidence had been released, there could be a possibility of returning to court on a sooner date for a bail application.
“I have reason to believe that the DNA will exonerate my client,” Majavu said.
Yende’s emotional mother, Nester, said that she had hope that that justice would be served because of the investigating officer assigned to the matter.
“I have to answer everyday to her son about his mother,” Nester said while tears ran down her face.
“He’ll be turning seven on the 26th and it’s hard.”
The matter has been postponed to November 15.


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