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South Africans praise ‘Lionmama’ for killing daughter’s rapist

Johannesburg. September 13 – South Africans have taken to social media under the hashtag #lionmama to defend a woman who killed her daughter’s rapist.

The mother, who comes from the poor eastern Cape province, returned home last week to find three men raping her 27-year-old daughter, before stabbing and killing one of them with a knife, local media reported.

The mother was arrested and has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of murder, Buhle Tonise, the attorney representing her pro bono, told dpa.

The two other men were also arrested.

“Rape and gender based violence is a problem in South Africa,” Tonise said. “It is an advantage that the media coverage is increasing the attention on rape victims and the aftermath of the trauma they go through.”

A Cape Town resident, Natalie Kendrick, who was moved by the story, has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help the mother and daughter with trauma counselling or any other needs they might have. So far the campaign has raised $6,858 in just five days.

South Africans expressed their support for the woman on Twitter, with some calling her “a hero.”

Yonela Ndibongo, tweeted: “If she goes to prison there should be a nationwide protest… How are they even charging her? #lionmama.”

The South African police recorded 30,069 rapes between April and December 2016 – the latest available statistics – but because many cases aren’t reported the real number is likely to be significantly higher.


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