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War vets vow to block Mugabe dynasty

HARARE – ZIMBABWE liberation war veterans have condemned
alleged plots by President Robert Mugabe and some factions in the ruling
Zanu-PF to install his wife, Grace, as his successor.

The sentiments by the veterans of the 1970s struggle echoes concern by many
that the increasingly popular first lady was creating a Mugabe dynasty.

Mugabe this weekend refused to name a successor, further raising concern he
was positioning his wife to take over.

War veterans leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa, said the former freedom
fighters would challenge such moves.

“When executive authority is abused, as is happening, a constitutional
republic like Zimbabwe can use impeachment, elections, or even votes of
no-confidence against the monarchists and oligarchists in the G40, who are
pushing for a dynasty,” Mutsvangwa said.

The G40 (Generation 40) consists of younger Zanu-PF politicians believed
to be working against the possibility of deputy president Emmerson
Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

It is reportedly backing Mrs Mugabe.

“We will campaign and support such moves if this mischief continues. The
constitution has a gamut of provisions to address all types of executive
abuse of office including dereliction of duty.”,” Mutswangwa said.

The war vets leader, who is suspended from Zanu-PF as the factionalism
intensifies, bemoaned the rising influence of the controversial first

“President Mugabe is gravitating towards dictatorial tendencies, including
allowing his wife to make illegal pronouncements on issues in the courts of
law,” Mutswangwa said.

Relations between Mugabe and the war veterans have fractured.

They have broken ranks with the ruling party and refused to endorse Mugabe
as the candidate for the elections scheduled for 2018.

The veterans that fought British colonialism, paving way for independence
in 1980, are accused of aiding Mugabe’s stranglehold on power through
violence against opposition supporters.

– CAJ News

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