Thato Jobeta posing in front of a wood background. Picture by: Thato Jobeta.

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A brief look into Saxophonist Thato Jobeta’s life.

Ogopoleng Mushi


Thato Jobeta playing saxophone. Picture by: Thato Jobeta

Name of Artist: Thato Jobeta

Nick Name: Dal Segno

Age: 23

Based: Johannesburg

Genre: House, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul

Target Market: Between ages 10 to 45 years

Live performance set -up:

CDJ mixing stations and saxophone microphone


Thato Jobeta in some stylish wear. Picture by Thato Jobeta.

Things you might have not known about Thato

 Thato Jobeta is from the small town of Randfontein, in Johannesburg. He grew up in Green Hills as a young musician. He began examining his musical career from just the age of 16.


Thato developed an interest in becoming a music producer, and as such began using Fruity Loops in order to teach himself basics. He later decided to choose to start playing a saxophone while also producing music.


He looks up to artists like Black Coffee and Ralf Gum. He hopes to learn from them as well as to one day be ahead of them in his career. Not only does he wish to be great in the industry but he also wishes to touch the lives of people who have dreams and aspirations.


The artist is a multitalented producer of various music genres. He is a saxophonist and Disk Jockey. The artist is well renowned for his excellent deep house music songs that aren’t only timeless, but can also be listened to by people of all ages.


Thato studied music at the Mmabana Arts Institution in Mahikeng. He has performed at the Grahamstown Jazz Festival in the Eastern Cape.


Brief Bio:

Producer, Saxophonist and House DJ who loves to widen his sphere of reference and opinion about music, where in which he always explores different sounds and eloquently produces them in accordance. He loves Jazz, God, Peace and the Beauty of life as a whole.

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