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Cyril Ramaphosa lied

Sello Theletsane and Solly Makganoto


Leaked emails have shown how Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has lied about extramarital affairs with at least eight women. In a desperate attempt to clear his name, Ramaphosa, in a public relations exercise in The Sunday Times disguised as an “exclusive interview” denied having a string of extra-marital affairs but confessed to having had an affair with a Limpopo doctor, which he claimed had ended eight years ago.


However, WeeklyXpose can today reveal that Ramaphosa might not have been telling the truth. Leaked emails seen show that Ramaphosa and the general practitioner, Dr Olga Nkuna, who also doubled as the deputy president’s personal doctor, have been exchanging intimate email communication even this year. According to documents, Ramaphosa’s relationship with Nkuna dates back to 2011. Communication between the pair started on a professional level, with Nkuna addressing the deputy president as “Mr Ramaphosa”. However, things changed a few months later.

In 2012 Nkuna sent Ramaphosa an email requesting him to sponsor her for a conference in New York. She did this in a very formal and impersonal way, addressing him as “Mr Ramaphosa” and signing as “Dr O. Nkuna”. However communication between the couple turned more intimate. Interestingly, Nkuna is the only woman who is communicating with Ramaphosa using what looks to be Ramaphosa’s two genuine email accounts. In an email on 26 February 2017 Nkuna wrote an email believed to have been addressed to Ramaphosa with the subject: “DREAMS!!!!!” She wrote: “Hi hi I am horny. Having a lot of wet wet dreams.”


In another email dated 2 January 2016 Nkuna sent Ramaphosa an email with her picture in which she said: “For your eyes only.”  On 7 May 2015 in another email, also with her picture, Nkuna wrote: “For your eyes only”, to which Ramaphosa responded: “Wow. What a lady! Desirable!” Nkuna then replied: “She is still waiting to be eaten alive by you”. WeeklyXpose called Nkuna on her mobile. She picked up her phone but hung up immediately when our team identified itself and asked her to respond to questions. She never picked up follow-up calls.


Ramaphosa has so far issued two press statements in which he denied having romantic links with eight women. He has however acknowledged dating a medical doctor WeeklyXpose has since established is Nkuna.  Ramaphosa has claimed he is “being targeted and smeared”. In his statements,  Ramaphosa claimed state institutions had been utilised to hack into his private e-mails.





4 thoughts on “Cyril Ramaphosa lied

  1. Everybody is aware of the kind of lies and deception Cyril Ramaphosa has incorporated in order to satisfy his dirty needs. This is just the first time he has been exposed on a large scale. I’m confident that this player has been all about his game in the past too.

  2. It is such a shame that people like Ramaphosa who are at such powerful positions in the government are involved in such heinous activities. I hope the man loses his position and people come to terms with the real character of the person.

  3. Cyril Ramaphosa is a liar and a cheat who has put the name of the ANC to shame. He has also been an unfaithful husband and a disappointing father. He must be stripped from his honorable position and showed a way out of the party. What a deceiver!

  4. Cyril Ramaphosa is a very cheap man who has no moral code or any sense of morality at all. He cannot be allowed to be a part of the government.

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