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ANC calls for end of violent confrontation between Uber and metered taxis

JOHANNESBURG, September 8 – The African National Congress (ANC) in Gauteng on Friday said it was “deeply concerned” about the fighting between E-Hailing Services – Uber, Taxify and Zebracabs – and metered taxis, and called on the police to deal with the violent clashes.
The ANC said the ongoing violent conflict, which has put the lives of commuters at risk, must come to an end.
“The ANC Gauteng Province is deeply concerned at the escalation in acts of violence in the public transport sector and condemns such acts in the strongest possible terms,” the party said in a communique issued by Motalatale Modiba of the ANC Gauteng Province Communications.
The latest clash was on Thursday night between Uber and metered taxi drivers which saw several vehicles being torched in Sandton.
“Continuing acts of intimidation points to a situation which needs to be urgently attended to before it spirals out of control,” said the ANC.
“We call on the law enforcement authorities and the relevant state departments to take stern action to put an end to the continuing territorial battles. Furthermore, we call on the Meter Taxi Association and E-Hailing Services which includes Uber, Taxify and Zebracabs to place the safety of commuters above whatever disagreements they might have.”
The ANC said access to reliable and viable public transport remained the lifeblood of the Gauteng economy.
“The movement of people has a direct bearing on their access to economic opportunity and eventually their quality of life, as such we cannot afford to have protracted conflicts in the public transport sector.”

Uber says South Africa’s government must do more to prevent taxi driver violence after at least one vehicle using the ride-hailing app was set on fire.
South African transport minister Joe Maswanganyi on Friday denounced the clashes a day earlier between metered taxi drivers and competitors who use the Uber app in Johannesburg’s upscale Sandton district.
Police say two Uber-linked vehicles were set on fire. Uber confirms that one of the cars was registered to use its app and that the driver was “not seriously injured.”
South African media quote authorities as saying some drivers using the Uber app retaliated by throwing stones, and police fired rubber bullets to restore order.

Three cars were set alight in Sandton in a suspected incident related to the ongoing fight between metered taxis and ride-sharing app, Uber, Gauteng police said on Friday.

Provincial spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said police received information that vehicles were on fire on West street in Sandton on Thursday night.

“Upon arrival police found three cars that were set alight and one car that the back window was damaged. Preliminary investigation revealed that two of the burnt cars belong to Uber and the third one a belong to the metered taxi. All the drivers of the cars escaped unharmed,” he said.

“It is suspected that the incident is related to the ongoing fight between the metered taxis and the Ubers. The situation is under control and back to normal at the moment and police investigation is continuing. Police presence has been intensified to continue monitoring the situation.”

Earlier on Thursday night, Uber confirmed that a car registered on the application was set alight in Sandton.

“We’re aware of the situation in Sandton. At this time we can confirm that one vehicle is registered to use the Uber app (1/2),” Uber South Africa tweeted shortly before 9pm.

“We are currently investigating the second vehicle (2/2).”

In a statement on Thursday night, Uber confirmed that at least one of the vehicles was registered on the Uber app, while investigations continued on the second vehicle.

“We are relived to hear the driver of the first vehicle was not injured, we are reaching out to offer our support. On being. Profiles of this incident our operations, security and law enforcement teams immediately reached out to the relevant authorities,” Uber spokesperson Samantha Allenberg said in a statement.

“Any situation where driver safety is out at risk is absolutely unacceptable to us. That people are choosing violence and threats against those bringing choice in transportation is completely unacceptable.”

Earlier, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department said two taxis were set alight.

“We can confirm that two Uber taxis were set alight on Maude Street and West Street in Sandton. According to the information we have so far, there are no injuries. The scene has been cordoned off,” spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said at the time.

According to reports, the situation in Sandton was tense on Thursday night, as the Uber drivers went looking for the mob of metered taxi drivers who allegedly petrol bombed the cars.

Meanwhile, Twitter users said that the cars were petrol bombed and calling the situation “volatile” after police had to reportedly use stun grenades to disperse the crowd.

One user wrote: “Just as I was about to mission to groove they burn 3 Uber’s in front of our hotel and pour petrol on the driver [sic]”.

Another user tweeted: “Taxi drivers are burning Uber’s in Sandton. Stay safe if you taking Uber tonight”.

Another tweeted: “Uber drivers are not safe anywhere in Joburg its so sad..”

Meanwhile, Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba called on provincial authorities to intervene tweeting, “The Uber/Meter taxi matter is unfortunately outside my direct jurisdiction. We hope the Provincial structures will appropriately handle.”

Incidences between metered taxi drivers, who are losing market share and Uber drivers have become physical in the last few months. In July an Uber driver died from his injuries after his car was set alight near Loftus Versveld Stadium in Pretoria. The SA Meter Taxi Association has persistently denied any involvement in the attacks on Uber drivers.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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