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Sudanese succumbing to deadly malaria eruption

KHARTOUM – A fatal outbreak of malaria infecting 1,3 million
and killing over 200 people weekly is rising rapidly amid protracted
conflict and widespread displacement in South Sudan.

The country’s entire population is at high risk of contracting the illness
because of a fractured health system and challenges related to accessing
the population due to the civil war.

Every week, it infects more than 77 500 people and kills mostly children
under the age of five particularly along the Nile River and in camps for
displaced people.

“Disease is a leading cause of death in South Sudan today, and malaria is
the number one killer,” lamented Evans Liyosi, World Health Organisation
(WHO) representative in South Sudan.

The deadly mosquito-borne disease accounts for 65 percent of illnesses
reported in health facilities across the country.

South Sudan has also recorded nearly 20 000 cases of cholera and more than
1 000 victims of measles since January.

WHO and partners are working to provide critical health services to 2,7
million people targeted for health across the East African country but the
response faces a staggering 84 percent funding gap.

Malnutrition, severe pneumonia, malaria and perinatal complications remain
the most common causes of death in children under five in South Sudan.

The country of 12 million is besieged by a civil war emanating from a
fallout between the country’s leaders.

– CAJ News

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