Nozembonelwa Makhutle, 38, sobbed during a press briefing as she narrated how she had found her daughter, Mapula Makhutle, 21, murdered in Boitekong, near Rustenburg. PHOTO: Molaole Montsho/ANA

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Boitekong residents up in arms, following the murder of woman

RUSTENBURG, September 7 – A 21-year-old woman has been found half naked and murdered in Boitekong near Rustenburg in the North West.
“I was called to a place where a woman was found dead. I was asked to identify whether it was my daughter,” said Nozembonelwa Makhutle on Thursday.
“She was covered with a blanket. I saw her feet and immediately knew it was my daughter, Mapula. I took off the blanked and it was her. She was badly injured in the face and there were two stones next to her, which I suspected they were used to kill her,” the woman said sobbing.
She said her daughter, who had completed a security guard training course, was an obedient and friendly person.
Residents of Boitekong said they were tired of  the ongoing crime in their area, allegedly perpetrated by gang members.
They said Mapule was beaten to death with stones and her skull crashed, while her eyes were gouged out. On September 3, the community tracked down the last man seen with Mapula.
Community Policing Forum chairperson, Patrick Matlhaga, said bloodstained clothes were found at the man’s place.
The community took him to an open space where he was assaulted and partially burnt. He is currently in hospital and unable to speak due to his injuries. They alleged he is a gang member. Boitekong is the home for the notorious SVK and the HL gangs
Rustenburg cluster commander, General Arthur Adams, said a case of murder was being investigated.
“Investigations are progressing well. DNA samples obtained from the bloodstained clothes have been sent to the laboratory, and furthermore DNA samples taken from two other men alleged to have been involved in the murder were also sent to the laboratory,” he said.
He said the police were waiting to interview the man the community assaulted after they suspected him of killing Mapula. The other two men who were alleged to have been involved in the murder and rape of Mapula have been interviewed by the police.
General Adams said gangsterism in Boitekong went down following the arrest of gang leaders.
Mapula is set to be buried on Saturday.
– African News Agency (ANA)

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