The helicopter that took the critically injured to hospital in Pretoria CBD. Photo by: ER24

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Three killed in Pretoria CBD head-on car crash

ER24 paramedics and other services arrived on the scene at about 4am where they found a VW Golf GTI and a VW Polo had collided head-on, ER24 spokesman Werner Vermaak said.


“One of the occupants from the VW Polo was found several metres away from the vehicle with fatal injuries. There was nothing that paramedics could do for him and he was declared dead on [the] scene.”

Two passengers in the rear of the car were trapped and had fatal injuries. A third passenger in the rear of the car, a man believed to be in his early 30s, was critically injured. A medical helicopter was called to the scene to airlift him to Sunshine Hospital for further care.


A woman, believed to be in her late 20s, was found in the front passenger seat with moderate injuries. She was transported to a nearby hospital.

The driver of the VW GTI was found on the scene with minor injuries. He was later transported by another service to a nearby hospital. The cause of the accident was not yet known, Vermaak said.


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