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“My ten years of hell with Ramaphosa”

Sello Theletsane

Leaked emails have revealed how Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has for years been using his wealth to satisfy his voracious sexual appetite, preying on young women some of whom he pays their tuition fees and other expenses. According to a report in The Sunday Independent, the emails have linked Ramaphosa to at least eight women, many of them university students. On Saturday night Ramaphosa tried without any success to interdict The Sunday Independent from publishing the story. The emails have since been widely circulated, and Weekly Xpose has also seen them.


The emails reveal how for years Ramaphosa apparently emotionally abused a woman with whom he had a decade long extra-marital romantic relationship.  This woman even miscarried Ramaphosa’s child.  Weekly Xpose can reveal that this woman is Sebendzile Mdluli, who still has business ties with Ramaphosa. In virtually all her correspondence with Ramaphosa, Mdhluli laments Ramaphosa’s lack of affection and love for her and wants to terminate her relationship with him. “As far as our relationship is concerned, I can’t lie about the fact that I miss you but at the same time angry and heartbroken,” Mdhluli wrote to Ramaphosa in an email dated 6 June 2015.


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She continued: “I want to close the curtain and move on but I’m held by all sad emotions, that I have spent almost a decade loving someone who never cared about how I feel or going through during the course of our relationship. Instinctively, I knew that you never truly loved me, at least the way I expected you to but somehow I hoped with time things would change. Things did change but for the worse, the more I needed you the more you distanced yourself and that was the breaking point for me.” Speaking to The Sunday Independent, Mdhluli confirmed she had a miscarriage, but denied Ramaphosa was the father. However an email conversation between the two suggests Ramaphosa was the father.

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In the same 6 June 2015 email, Mdhluli asks Ramaphosa to “honestly” answer a list of ten hardhitting questions. In one of the questions she asked: “When I lost the baby, was it a sad moment for you or relief, and how so?. If the pregnancy was successful with complications during delivery, who would you have saved, me or the baby?” Mdhluli also asked Ramaphosa why he had bought her a ring. “Why did you buy the ring, what was the meaning behind it”, she asked.


In his response on the same day Ramaphosa wrote: “I have gone through your email and I’m troubled by it. I am rather inclined to respond to all the questions you have raised on a face to face basis but based on our last interaction when you insisted on cutting all links and delivering the box I fear that we may end up in a really bad space.” The email communication between the couple show that even after miscarrying Ramaphosa’s baby, they continued trying another pregnancy.


In an email to Ramaphosa on 7 October 2015 Mdhluli wrote: “I hope you will make time to give me my son. I would like to try naturally. Thereafter I can have the girls in pairs through IVF and an egg donor.” On 29 October 2016 Ramaphosa sent an email to Mdhluli: “Sandton Fertlity Clinic – Centre of Advanced Medicine”. On 31 October Mdhluli asked: “How do you know about this clinic?” Ramaphosa responded: “Cousin-in-law.” Mdhluli then responded: “I will contact them to make an appointment.”


Asked by The Sunday Independent if she had ever received any financial support from Ramaphosa, Mdhuli told the paper: “Mr Ramaphosa never took care of me financially during our relationship. I have always been independent. However I now have a strictly business relationship with Mr Ramaphosa where I provide Property Development Management and Quantity Surveying Services to all his properties in Limpopo, Gauteng and the Western Cape for which my company is being paid.”


The emails show how in her email dated 28 April 2014 Mdhluli sent Ramaphosa a list of items including among others  a TV set, a couch, tool storage house. In his response Ramaphosa wrote: “My calculation amounts to around R50 000. I shall transfer this into your account.” In another email dated 15 March 2016 Mdhluli wrote: “Just received notification from my bank about cash deposit. You probably have your reasons for doing it and I’m not going to ask.”


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