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Prioritise safety over bonuses, NUM warns miners

JOHANNESBURG – THE National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has
discouraged miners from risking their lives in pursuit of production

The dissuasion comes in the wake of the death of five workers after they
were trapped underground at Kusasalethu outside Carletonville, west of

“When the workplace becomes unsafe they (miners) should stop working until
all necessary and safety measures have been put in place,” NUM’s health
and safety secretary, Erick Gcilitshana, said.

He pointed out no amount of money would ever replace the souls of the
deceased breadwinners.

“We are looking forward to the investigation, to find out what exactly
triggered the seismic event that led to the loss of lives at Kusasalethu
mine,” Gcilitshana said.

The workers died after the mine collapsed.

All five bodies have been recovered, a development NUM said would give
bereaved families relief.

Gcilitshana thanked those involved in the mission to recover the bodies of
the deceased.

“We understand that this was not an easy operation considering the big
rocks, that hindered all the efforts,” he said.

– CAJ News

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