ANC Johannesburg chairman Parks Tau briefing media on the City's performance under the DA a year after the local government elections. PHOTO: Getrude Makhafola/ANA

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DA withholds evidence on eminent Joburg collapse – Parks Tau

Sello Theletsane

Johannesburg, September 1 – The Johannesburg Municipal Council, Councillor Parks Tau lambasted the Democratic Alliance (DA)-led coalition government following their failed attempts to conceal evidence that the City is on the brink of collapse saying that the DA-led government is disabling the Council from considering critical oversight reports.

According to the African National Congress (ANC) greater Johannesburg region, the reports also includes Institutional Review Report and the Recruitment Process and Appointment of Section 56 Employees Report, among others.

Leader of the majority party in the Johannesburg Municipal Council, Parks Tau, further stated that the DA is unable to unleash the tyranny of the borrowed majority and that they do not want the council to objectively consider the reports but seek to erode the administration and the structure of the City of Johannesburg.

“We also know that, in fact, the reason for the withdrawal of Item 2 has to do with that for the past few months there has been evidence of manipulation of recruitment processes by the DA administration. So you do not want Council to consider whether you are being objective in the recommendations you are presenting to Council”.

“What is more worrying is in fact, as an encroachment on democracy, you are disabling Council from considering critical oversight reports, of which critical oversight reports have to do with the potential financial ruin of the City of Johannesburg”.

Tau in his arguing statement said that the presence of the EFF will not change the City’s financial crisis and also that it will not bring back  R3 billion that is short of the City’s revenue.

“In fact, what is more concerning is that this deprives Council an opportunity to make the appropriate decisions for collective action to be taken in instances where the institution is facing a potential collapse. Now we cannot be party to a situation where the DA seeks to manipulate Council by withdrawing critical items that should be considered by this Council”.

Tau concluded by suggesting that the DA reconsiders its position.






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