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Hawks arrest three couples for cash depot theft

CAPE TOWN, August 31 – Authorities on Thursday arrested three couples, including two guards, for an audacious theft from a cash depot in Blackheath in Cape Town.

The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) said in a statement on Thursday that a concerted effort by which also included the police’s Crime Intelligence, Flying Squad, K9 and Provincial Organised Crime Narcotics Unit in Beaufort West, resulted in the arrest of the six suspects, aged between 25 and 43, on Thursday morning.

This followed the theft of money bags that allegedly occurred near a Fidelity depot in Blackheath on Wednesday evening.

Hawks spokesperson, Captain Lloyd Ramovha, said: members from the Hawks’ National Bureau for Illegal Firearms Control and Priority Violent Crime (NBIFCPVC) were summoned to the scene after suspicion arose when the guards who were reporting for duty at the cash depot noticed a discrepancy in the cash register, which apparently reflected that there were 13 bags of cash stored by the previous shift, while only eight could be accounted for.

“Preliminary investigations on the scene with the aid of video footage revealed that the guards who were knocking off had colluded with unknown number of suspects before signing off,” Ramovha said. “They allegedly drove out of the depot with the cash van and in the process dropped off cash bags from the rear with a black VW Polo following them and picking up the said bags before the guards hurriedly drove back into the yard.

“The two guards, a male and female, were then arrested. Information of the VW Polo was circulated and all law enforcement agencies were on alert for the said vehicle until it was spotted near Beaufort West, where it was intercepted and a couple arrested. Undisclosed amount of cash was found in their possession, further investigations led to the arrest of a third couple, also around the same area, bringing the total number of arrests to six.”

The group is expected to appear before the Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court on Monday to face charges related to theft and possession of suspected stolen property.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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