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BLF leaders and learners case withdrawn in Durban Magistrate’s Court

Solly Makganoto

Johannesburg, August 29 – Two BLF Student Movement leaders and four other learners who where arrested on Monday for protesting against racism at the George Campbell School of Technology have been released and their case thrown out of the Durban Magistrate’s Court today.

This six where facing charges of Public violence despite the Black First Land First (BLF) movement stating that it was a legitimate protest action against racism at the school.

“BLF had said from the beginning that these comrades are not guilty of any crime. They are fighting a crime against humanity, racism, which has also been declared as such by the United Nations (UN)”.

Despite the victory, BLF has however vowed to continue to fight against racism at George Campbell School of Technology and also demanded the school to recall the 10 students who were suspended.

“We are going to maintain pickets and insist that the school changes its ways and fires racist teachers” said the BLF in a statement.

“Furthermore, BLF will brief its lawyers to explore the possibility of bringing a charge of unlawful arrest against the six comrades”.

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