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Military veterans lambastes mainstream media for casting aspersions on Manyi’s acquisition of TNA and ANN7

Solly Makganoto

The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has congratulated Mzwanele Manyi for acquiring a majority shareholding in Infinity Media Networks through his company, Lodidox, and lashed out at mainstream media for trying to cast aspersion son the deal, saying they are just continuing their ongoing vilification campaign.

The transaction was announced on Monday and will see the two prime South African media assets ANN7 and The New Age having a new owner in Lodidox.

The MKMVA movement says that the transaction is in line with Radical Socio-economic Transaction which will champion against its opponents of White Monopoly Capital (WMC).

“It also ensures Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and secures the continued independence of two strong voices for the full economic empowerment of the majority of black (especially African) South Africans”, said the movement.

The movement bemoaned the mainstream media for trying to cast aspersions on the transaction saying that it is simply a continuation of the biased and reactionary vilification campaign that it says the the WMC mainstream media had been waging against ANN7 and The New Age for years.

“These WMC-owned media have proved themselves to be intolerant of any views that challenge the continuation of White Monopoly control over the economy of South Africa”.

MKMVA has further called on the South African public to reject the anti-black (especially anti-African) biased propaganda of most of the mainstream media with the contempt that it deserves and to support ANN7 and The New Age as progressive voices that are now African owned.

The Movement has also urged the progressive business owners in the private sector to do business with progressive and pro-African empowerment media.

“We reiterate our longstanding view that it is contrary to the BEE intentions of the ANC government to spend significant amounts on advertising revenue on the White Monopoly Capital owned mainstream media that are constantly opposed to our progressive agenda for black (and specifically African) empowerment”.

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