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Cape Town court expected to start sentencing Cameron Wilson

JOHANNESBURG, August 24 – The Western Cape High Court is expected to start sentencing Cameron Wilson on Thursday, after he was convicted of five murders, rape, possession of a firearm and ammunition, two counts of assault, conspiracy and three counts of attempted murder.
Wilson was found guilty of the killings of Lekita Moore, Alfonzo van Rooyen, Toyher Stobber, Ernest Erasmus and Stacey-Lee Mohale.
On June 30, the court found Wilson guilty on 13 charges. He reportedly initially faced 15 charges including five counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault and rape, one count of the possession of an illegal firearm and one count of the possession of illegal ammunition.
The court found Wilson not guilty on an attempted murder charged where he was accused of stabbing Cody Philander in 2015, and for the rape of Mohale. He was found guilty on all the murder charges.
He was arrested in September last year, and charged with the murder of Moore in Valhalla Park.


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