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Britain lays out framework for civil judicial cooperation post Brexit

Britain says it wants “coherent common rules”
governing cross-border judicial affairs after it leaves the European
Union, as it released its latest Brexit position paper on Tuesday.


The paper states that Britain wants to build a “deep and special
partnership with the European Union,” ensuring that there are
“coherent common rules to govern interactions between legal systems.”


The framework outlines rules to govern which country’s courts will
hear civil, commercial or family law cases that raise cross-border
issues, and which country’s laws will apply in these cases. It also
suggests that a judgement obtained in one country might be recognised
and enforced in another.


Today’s paper is one of several being released this week, setting out
Britain’s positions on key issues ahead of the third round of Brexit
negotiations, set to be held next week.


The EU has been reluctant to comment directly on the content of these
position papers, but the European Commission, which is tasked with
negotiating on behalf of the remaining 27 EU member states, has said
it is analysing them.


“The fact that these papers are coming out is, as such, welcome,
because we see it as a positive step towards really starting the
process of negotiations,” said Alexander Winterstein, a spokesman for
the commission.



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