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Put pride aside and participate in timeshare inquiry, says consumer commission

JOHANNESBURG, August 21 – National Consumer Commission (NCC) commissioner, Ebrahim Mohamed, has appealed to consumers who have problems with timeshare holiday companies to put their pride aside and participate in the ongoing inquiry into the industry.

The NCC will hold public hearings in Polokwane in Limpopo on Monday and Tuesday this week. Similar hearings have already been held in Pretoria, Cape Town, and Mafikeng.

During last week’s public hearings in Mafikeng in the North West an upstanding community member revealed that she remained silent about her holiday club woes for several years simply because “she was embarrassed” to have “so easily fallen for the marketing gimmick used to lock her into a perpetual holiday club contract”.

She tried to cancel her contract but was unable to do so. She had to keep paying fees because her profession required of her to consistently remain in good standing with credit bureaux.

The middle-aged woman said that after learning through media reports about other consumers who were suffering the same fate as her, she was able to gather enough courage to attend the public hearing to make an oral submission.

Upon learning about the woman’s plight Mohamed implored consumers to participate in public hearings held in their localities. The commissioner said consumer problems could only be resolved if aggrieved persons stepped forward and told the NCC about their problems.

This week’s hearings will be held at the Polokwane Royal Hotel in Dorp Street, Polokwane Central from 9.30am to 3.30pm on both days.
– African News Agency (ANA)

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