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Hanekom must be sacked and moles must be disciplined – MKMVA

Sello Theletsane


The association also reiterated its support for Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to take over as president of the ANC when President Jacob Zuma’s term expires


The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has demanded that African National Congress (ANC) member Derek Hanekom be removed from his position as chair of the National Executive Committee (NEC) Disciplinary Committee and echoed calls for all ANC MPs who voted in support of the failed motion of no-confidence to be disciplined, calling them dastardly moles.


In a strongly-worded press statement after the MKMVA met for the first time since their national conference in June, the association also reiterated their unequivocal support for Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to take over as president of the ANC at the elective conference in December.


“The NEC was clear that we must be serious about protecting our unity and to move forward with our programme of Radical Socio-economic Transformation (RET), and thus we have no choice but to deal with all of these dastardly betraying moles. Those who voted in favour of the motion must be pursued and exposed, and once they are exposed they must be disciplined,” the statement said.


“While we as the NEC welcome the decision of the ANC NWC that all those MP’s who voted in favour of the motion must be disciplined, we emphasise that the discipline dished out to them not be token, but that it must be real and that the punishment must fit the severity of the crime that they have committed against the ANC.


“We will, together with all other progressive forces within the ANC, monitor this process of exposing the errand ANC MP’s as well as the disciplinary action that they should be subjected to. We do not want any tokenism and limp slaps on their wrists!”.


The MKMVA called their undisciplined behavior deliberate and that its intention was to engineer regime change, calling on the ANC to close ranks to defend itself.


The MKMVA did not mince its words when it spoke about Hanekom, who has been vocal in aligning himself against the public ANC position on the motion of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma, which was led the Democratic Alliance.


“The NEC also demands that Derek Hanekom must with immediate effect be removed from his position as chairperson of the NEC Disciplinary Committee (DC). Hanekom has proved himself to be one of the most undisciplined and deceptive people in our ranks. He has openly supported Makosi Khosa, Pravin Gordahn and Mondli Gungubele among others in their defiance, and there can hardly be any doubt that he himself also voted in favour of the no-confidence motion”.


“For Hanekom to continue to chair the DC will make a mockery of the whole disciplinary process that needs to be launched against the betrayers and that just simply cannot be allowed. Overall with regards to these issues the NEC noted that it is not us who have declared war, these betrayers have declared war and as the good liberation soldiers that we in MKMVA are, we must take the enemy on blow-for-blow and protect our revolution”.


According to the MKMVA in their statement, the association has reaffirmed its agreement with the ANC Women’s and Youth Leagues that they support Dlamini-Zuma to replace President Zuma as leader of the ANC when his term expires.


“Comrade Nkosazana is very much a person in her own right with a long and illustrious career in the liberation struggle. When one reads through her CV it is evident that she is a most capable comrade who does not need to stand back for any-one else in the ANC. There is absolutely no reason why she cannot stand for the highest office in the ANC. In addition, comrade Dlamini Zuma is very clear about her unequivocal support for the implementation of Radical Socio-economic Transformation in order to bring about the Second Phase of the NDR. Her campaign slogan is Radical Economic Transformation – Now or Never!”.

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