Wonder Woman. picture by: DC Comics

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Mind Blowing: Wonder Woman

Ogopoleng Mushi

You know that feeling you get after watching a movie at a cinema, not knowing whether you’re tired of if you want your money back? Sometimes even asking yourself questions like, what to do now? Where to go next? If you were unsure about your standing with Marvel, you might turn into a DC fan after watching Wonder Woman.



Check out this awesome trailer.


Without any spoilers, Wonder Woman is LIFE CHANGING!! Jokes aside. The quality, the pace, the narrative of the whole entire movie is just really mind blowing. If you’re up for a “wow” from the end of the movie to when you wake up in the morning, do yourself a giant favor and go tease that brain of yours and give it a break from all the drama in the country… and twitter!

Where is Grace Mugabe anyway?


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