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ANC slams ‘arrogant SACP’

Sello Theletsane

The African National Congress (ANC) has slammed the “gravely unfortunate” accusations of factionalism by the South African Communist Party (SACP) where it criticised the ruling party’s decision to discipline its members that voted with the opposition in the recent failed vote of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma, saying it is under no obligation to bow to the SACP’s instructions.


In a strongly-worded statement released on Wednesday evening, the ANC said that while it respects the right of Alliance partners to hold differing views, it rejects with contempt the latest statement by the SACP and stands firm that it will not be dictated to by an Alliance partner, especially one that uses the media and not internal platforms to voice its disagreements.


“The ANC has noted an extremely ill-advised and gravely unfortunate statement released by the South African Communist Party (SACP) today in relation to the ANC’s decision to institute disciplinary action against Members of Parliament (MPs) who have publicly declared they voted with the opposition to dislodge the ANC in the Motion of no Confidence debate held last week,” the ruling party said in the statement.


“The ANC is not a structure of the SACP and as such shall not be dictated to, via media releases, by the SACP.”


The ruling party further pointed out that it has on numerous occasions created platforms for engagement where partners can seek to influence each others’ thinking. It questioned why the SACP chose to rather air its views in the public space. “The issues raised by the SACP have been exhaustively debated and it is extremely undemocratic and arrogant for the SACP to believe its view must now be decreed…


“We reject with the contempt it deserves the notion that acting against ill-discipline of the worst order in our ranks is factionalism. The ANC will not allow complete collapse of political and organizational discipline in the fear of being perceived as being factional. While we appreciate the SACP’s position on matters relating to ANC President, Comrade Jacob Zuma, the ANC is under no obligation to act merely on the instructions of the SACP.”

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