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‘Enemy has infiltrated ANC and must be punished’

Solly Makganoto

The African National Congress (ANC) in KwaZulu-Natal and Free State has warned that “the enemy has infiltrated the ANC and the Alliance”, slamming a coordinated campaign to undermine President Jacob Zuma and efforts to unseat the ANC. They have called for an investigation and punishment for ANC members who voted in support of the motion of no-confidence almost two weeks ago.


The Provincial Working Committees (PWCs) of the two provinces released a joint statement yesterday after meeting in a strategic session ahead of the national policy conference in December.


“The counter-revolutionary agenda whose intention is to remove the ANC from power has upped its offensive. The PWCs have also noted that the enemy of the ANC has infiltrated both the ANC and the Alliance, causing the ANC to fight from within,” read the statement.


“Regarding the latest motion of no-confidence against President Zuma, the PWCs agreed that an urgent investigation must be done and that those who are found guilty of undermining the party line be punished, especially those who continue to indicate through public statements that they may have voted against the party line.”


The statement also spoke about current affairs and what it called strategic objectives leading up to the ANC conference in December, where new leadership will be elected.


A number of incidents involving the abuse of women have surfaced recently, and the PWCs of the two provinces said in the statement that the PWCs “concerned about the increase in the incidences of violence against women in our society. The PWCs calls on the ANC structures and government to deal harshly with all acts of violence against women”.


The statement went on to say the two provinces have noted an increase in arrogance amongst white South Africans and called on all members of society to work towards building a non-racist, non-sexist society. “The PWCs call on all members of our society to continue being committed to the goal of reconciliation and nation-building,” read the statement.


Recently the SA Chamber of Mines made the headlines saying they would take the Mining Charter to court over elements they deemed inappropriate. The PWCs of KwaZulu-Natal and Free State reiterated their full support for the charter, especially that it gave meaning to radical economic transformation.


“The PWCs welcomed the fact that the new Mining Charter will extend the ownership of mines to the workers, the majority of whom are black,” said the statement.


Looking towards the 54th National conference, the PWCs said that unity in the ANC should be the priority, especially around lobbying ahead of the leadership elections. “The two PWCs agreed to further engage with other provinces and Alliance partners on nominations for the national leadership. It is the desire of the two PWCs that whilst the ANC Elective Conference must still be characterised with the ANC tradition of internal democracy and contestations, such contestations should not lead to divisions that weaken the ANC and erode its hegemony. ”


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4 thoughts on “‘Enemy has infiltrated ANC and must be punished’

  1. The ANC really need to chuck these traitors out of the party if they want to win the next election.

  2. All these people who voted against the president need to be disciplined because without unity no party can win an election .

  3. When these people have no faith in the president, I’d like to know what they are doing in the party in the first place?

  4. This is an absolute state of anarchy in the ANC. They need to get their act together so that the can govern the country better.

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