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702’s Bongani Bingwa “punked” by caller about Zuma’s confidence

Ogopoleng Mushi

Sometimes live media can be brutal. We all remember the 702 news reader who went on his f*ck rant? That was bad, and Mr Esterhuizen resulted in many a blush. However, what happens when a prankster makes it through the producers and gets live on the air?


On Women’s Day, Bongani Bingwa of 702 was hosting a talk show, when someone called in. It must have appeared very juicy to 702. Here was an MP who was calling in to spill the beans on what happened in the vote – why the ANC members voted to keep President Jacob Zuma.


It was supposed to be the scoop of scoops, an inside look at the conniving plans of the Zuma cabal. They decided to call him “Stanley”.


Instead, it turned out to be comedy of the highest order, with Bingwa and 702 on the wrong side of the punch line.

702 talk show host Bongani Bingwa.
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2 thoughts on “702’s Bongani Bingwa “punked” by caller about Zuma’s confidence

  1. That doesn’t qualify as punkd. Bongani handled it like a bawss. Your characterisation is as exaggerated as me calling this post clickbait. Which I am.

    1. Dear Nicky. Thanks for reading the article, or clickbait as you call it.
      “To get punked is to have a joke played on you, often in a public setting.” – Urban Dictionary.
      Another one:
      To “punk” someone means to pull a prank on someone. To “get punked” means you were the victim of a prank. This term was probably popularized (or invented?) by Ashton Kutcher’s show called “Punked”.

      Bongani may have handled it like a bawss, to use your word, but not after he was punked on live radio! Unless for reasons unknown you believe that caller was a legitimate ANC MP?

      Thanks for reading and come back for more.

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