Kosikee Iwuoha in his office.

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Kosikee letting us in on his life!

Kosikee Iwuoha in his office.

If you thought academics only had lives in front of books, let us let you in on the life of Kosikee Iwuoha, an engineer at Aurecon. He has been doing engineering work in and out of the country. He continues to be amazing at his job while also balancing his life with a little bit of fun, every now and then.


Name: Kosikee Adimchinobi Iwuoha
Preferred name: Sikee
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 7th March 1990
Ethnicity: Igbo

Things you didn’t know about Kosikee
Sikee was born on a Wednesday of March 7th, 1990 in Nigeria. His family then moved to Ireland, Dublin when he was 3 years old. They moved again in 2001, choosing to stay in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the second born and only son in his family. Contrary to what you would now witness, Sikee was actually a pretty weird child. Yep, I said it. This is because he was “a bit” of a nerd but also doing things other people considered cool. This however started later in his life, during the first half of high school.
Lucky for him, nerdy is the new cool. Sikee likes watching old anime and has seen almost every game of Battle Bots in the available series. The weird but cool factors don’t just end there, he like psychoanalysing people. This means sitting and watching people go about their lives and trying to figure out their characters and personalities, as well as what might be going on in their heads. You can settle down now if you thought you were a “different” human.

He is a young, vibrant engineer who is always ready to go anywhere his job might lead, even if it takes him out of the country. He also spent some time in Cameroon in March this year, doing work for his company.

Best Friends: Vee and Wasanga
Favourite food group: Pasta
Favourite food: Ugusi soup and Jollof
Sikee had an entire period of trying out Couscous. “You know what happened? I was having a Couscous phase. I had one type and I had another type and I was comparing them. I was comparing the whole wheat one and the one that is not. The normal one cooks faster and it is fluffier but funny enough when it comes to Couscous that you spice up, the whole wheat one tastes better”
Favourite Holiday Destination: “I actually don’t have a favourite, I just really like tropical places.” Said Sikee.
Favourite Color: When it comes to clothes Sikee prefers different shades of Grey, but for “things” he prefers green. Particularly the forest green. “there isn’t a war between the two colors, they live separate lives so they don’t bother each other.”
Being a nerd obviously goes hand in glove with being into books. Sikee read his first novel when he was Six or Seven years old.
Favourite books: Predictably irrational by Dan Ariely.
Weekly Xposé led Sikee on a series of a couple of common questions whose responses will definitely help you know him better:
-He would on any day choose Hats over beanies.
– “mmmh, festivals are the weekend long ones. So yeah, festivals over concerts.” He said.
-Whiskey, particularly cognac wins over vodka.
Educational background
Did you know that educated guys went to primary school too? Let me let you in on this man’s educational background.
Sikee went to Canridge Primary and then went to Fairmont high school.
He then continued his higher education at the University of Cape Town. Doing his undergraduate in Civil Engineering from 2008-2012. He then did his honours from 2012-2014. Sikee did his Masters in 2015 in Civil Information, Management and Maintenance. After completing his honours.
“There’s a couple of reasons why I furthered my studies. First of all, I wasn’t going to get hired straight out of Uni because I’m not a South African citizen. Also, I wasn’t ready to start adulting properly.” Said Sikee when asked why he chose to further his studies. He says that he chose to enjoy life a bit before trying out the life adulting. Let’s not comment on how he chose to enjoy his life through studying… that one is beyond us.

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