FILE PIC: President Jacob Zuma delivers the opening address at the ANC's 5th national policy conference taking place in Johannesburg. PHOTO: Jonisayi Maromo/ANA

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Zuma remains president: no-confidence motion fails

On the eighth day of the eighth month, the eighth motion of no confidence goes ahead in President Jacob Zuma’s eighth year as President of South Africa.

Total votes: 384 were cast. Yes: 177. No: 198. Abstain: 9. Motion defeated.

(ANA) – A motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma was nothing more than a ploy by opposition parties to manipulate Parliament, prevent service delivery and create confusion, according to the ANC’s deputy chief whip Dorries Dlakude.
“They want to manipulate the legislature, deter service delivery and sow the seed of chaos in society to ultimately grab power.
“Shame on you,” she shouted.
As opposition MPs heckled, Dlakude responded: “We are not sellouts. We know who sent us here when we voted ANC must propel us to rise above political expedience”.
Dlakude said she was aware of the issues facing society and they were attempting to correct them.
“We acknowledge our mistakes and work to correct them”.
She then went on to invoke the name of South Africa’s founding father Nelson Mandela, citing his famous quote:  “I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.”
Dlakude said voting for the motion was not just a vote against Zuma, but the entire ANC.
“This debate is about our integrity as the governing party.”
(ANA) – The motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma was not an attack on democracy, but an attempt to dislodge the Gupta family from the centre of power, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema told the National Assembly on Tuesday.
Malema began his speech in the debate on the motion by saluting Speaker Baleka Mbete for her courage in calling a secret ballot on the motion, hypothetically enabling African National Congress (ANC) MPs to vote according to their conscience without fear of sanction.
“She went against the wishes of the officials of the ANC – we salute her for that,” Maimane said.
In a supreme insult, he referred to Zuma not by name but as “Duduzane’s father”, and said ANC MPs must not see the opposition motion as a bid to remove a democratically elected president, but an alternative, non-elected power group who have been handed the reins of power.
“Ours is not against the ANC, but against the father of Duduzane, because Duduzane’s father is the most corrupt individual in this country,” he said.

(ANA) – Opposition leader Mmusi Maimane on Tuesday invited senior African National Congress (ANC) MPs by name to defy their party and vote in favour of the opposition motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

Maimane told the National Assembly he knew that former president Nelson Mandela would have had the courage to vote with the opposition to remove Zuma from power.
“I would hope that there are enough people in this house who would put politics aside and do what is right,” Maimane said.
He singled out former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, whose sacking by Zuma triggered the motion, and asked whether could be counted on to vote in favour of it.
“Honourable Gordhan, would you play your part today in resetting the course of history?”
He then proceeded to ask the same of former tourism minister Derek Hanekom and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.
And he saluted dissident ANC MP Makhosi Khoza who has vowed to vote with her conscience as doing the “honourable and the ultimate service to our people”.

(ANA)- There was a jubilant atmosphere in the National Assembly  (NA) on Tuesday as both sides of the political divide tried to out-dance and sing each other ahead of a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

African National Congress (ANC) MPs, dressed in their green, black and gold, sang and danced outside Parliament before making their way into the NA.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), dressed in their signature red overalls, hard hats and aprons, also made for a colourful spectacle.

Speaking to the African News Agency (ANA) before the vote, ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu said the motion would be defeated. During an ANC caucus meeting on Tuesday morning, Mthemu and many indicated they would vote in accordance with the wishes of the party.

ANC Chief Whip confident the motion will fail.

(ANA) – Scores of police officers were on Tuesday deployed to the Cape Town CBD ahead of a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma being debated in the National Assembly 
Leaders and ordinary members of the African National Congress (ANC), most dressed in party t-shirts, gathered on the Grand Parade earlier in the morning while their leaders addressed them.
Just up the road, a sea of colours was visible. Although the opposition parties are strange bedfellows, one on thing they agree – Zuma must go.
The marchers would be marching in different directions with the ANC being allowed to reach the parliamenary gates. However, the opposition parties would have to keep their distance as was stated in their city approval notice.
Section 102 of the Constitution provides for motions of no confidence in the President and the NA Rules provide for electronic or manual voting, in accordance with a procedure predetermined by the Speaker and directives to be announced by the Presiding Officer.
The key elements of the procedure for voting by secret ballot are set out below.
Preparation for voting
After the debate on a motion of no confidence, business will be suspended in order to allow for preparation of the NA Chamber for a secret ballot vote.
Bells will be rung to alert Members to the resumption of business and the doors of the NA Chamber will be locked for voting.
The Speaker will announce the procedure to be followed for the casting of votes.
Ballot papers and boxes
The question to be voted upon will be printed on the ballot paper, with the following options: YES, NO or ABSTAIN.
There will be two ballot boxes and four voting booths, of which one will be wheelchair accessible.
The Speaker will direct that the empty boxes be shown to Members and, thereafter, sealed with cable ties.
Process in the chamber
A control sheet will be prepared beforehand with Members’ names.
Members will be called in alphabetic order to collect ballot papers from the voting table.
Each ballot paper issued will be stamped before being given to a Member.
Names of Members issued with ballot papers will be crossed out on the control sheet.
Members will proceed to one of the four booths and will vote by making a clear mark or cross alongside the YES, NO or ABSTAIN option.
Each Member present must vote and may only vote once.
Once all Members present have voted, the Speaker will direct that the ballot boxes be closed and sealed.
The opening slit on the lid of the ballot box (for insertion of ballot papers) will also be sealed after the ballots are cast.
The Speaker will request each party to designate one Whip or representative to witness the counting process.
Business will be suspended for counting.
Counting room
A counting room will be set aside and monitored by the Serjeant-at-arms and the Parliamentary Protection Services.
Counting of the ballot papers will take place under the supervision of the Speaker and in the presence of the Whips or party representatives.
All ballot boxes will be opened in the presence of the Speaker, Whips or party representatives.
Votes will be sorted, counted and audited in the presence of the Speaker, Whips or party representatives.
The Secretary to the National Assembly will sign-off the result before handing it over to the Speaker.
No one is to disclose the results, in any way whatsoever, before the Speaker announces the results in the Assembly.
No one may use any electronic devices in the counting room.
Invalid ballot papers
A ballot paper is invalid –
If it is not stamped
If it is unmarked or
If a Member has signed his or her name, or made more than one mark in recording his or her vote.
Announcement of results
Bells will be rung to alert members to the resumption of business.
Once business resumes, the Speaker will announce the results in the NA Chamber.
Storage of voting results
The ballot papers will be stored in archive boxes, which will be sealed with cable ties and wax and stored in a safe.
The archive boxes may only be opened by order of the Speaker or a court of law.
Unforeseen procedural matters
The Speaker may permit a discussion of the question of procedure and may limit participation in, and the duration of, the discussion in such manner as he or she deems fit.

(ANA) – Social media activists on Tuesday published cellphone numbers of members of Parliament, urging South Africans to call and persuade them to vote for the removal of President Jacob Zuma.

The phone numbers were listed alongside the full names of each and every MP, urging the public to ”dial an MP.”

Posted under the ‘CountryDuty’ hashtag, the account had the slogan ‘KeNakoSA’ with various messages that encouraged MPs to not ignore allegiance to the Constitution and to vote for a better future as a vote against Zuma would ”end state capture.

I pray that you guys in South Africa peacefully get what you want today. Good luck and God bless. O se boloke sechaba.🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇧🇼🇧🇼😘

— Tshwanelo Moeng (@TaxCollector79) August 8, 2017

(ANA) – Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane on Tuesday called on ruling party MPs to vote according to conscience and help to remove President Jacob Zuma from office in a vote of no confidence he called historic.

“Today is a historic day. South Africa faces a choice between corruption and a prosperous South Africa. As life is getting hard for our people, it is important that we put South Africans first,” Maimane said in a brief statement a few hours before the debate on the motion of no confidence.

“Today MPs get to exercise their vote by using a secret ballot. I want to urge all ANC MPs to vote with their conscience today.

“Let us put the people of South Africa first. Let us vote to remove Jacob Zuma so that we can start moving South Africa in the right direction.”

(ANA) – A group of African National Congress (ANC) supporters gathered at Grand Parade in Cape Town on Tuesday morning in a show of support for President Jacob Zuma who later in the day faces a vote on the motion of no confidence in Parliament.

The group of around 200 ANC supporters sang Struggle songs and chanted “Zuma must stay” as they prepared to make their way to Parliament.

A march by opposition parties and civil society was taking place on the other side of town and also making its way to Parliament amid a heavy police presence.

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip notes the decision of the Speaker of National Assembly, comrade Baleka Mbete that voting on the motion of no confidence in the President scheduled for tomorrow8 August 2017, will be by secret ballot.
“As the ANC in Parliament we have always maintained that we will support whatever decision the Speaker takes on this matter. We have long stated that we are not adverse to a secret or open ballot”.
“Whilst we acknowledge that there are genuine grievances by our people and various organisations around state capture and the resultant alleged corruption in various entities of government, we reiterate that in-depth investigations around these revelations must be conducted inclusive of the establishment of an urgent judicial commission of inquiry”, said the office of the ANC Chief Whip.
“This motion by the Democratic Alliance, who are our political nemesis is a political ploy designed to undermine our popularly elected government, fracture and weaken the ANC with an aim of removing it from government by any means outside of general elections.  This motion is therefore in the interest of the Democratic Alliance and opposition forces and not in the interest of our country”.
“We reiterate our stance that the ANC will vote against this motion. We will not vote with the opposition to collapse our democratically elected government”.
“We have also noted the online circulation of a list purporting to have 95 ANC members of Parliament who will vote in favour of this motion. This list is nothing but fake news to the extent that some of the people on the list have long left Parliament including comrade Joyce Moloi-Moropa. The other member included on the list is a member whom we buried this past week, comrade Trevor Bonhomme. This shows the utter desperation of our detractors”.
“We have full confidence in our ANC members of Parliament. This motion, just like others before it, will be defeated”, said the Chief Whip’s Office in their statement.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) Ms Baleka Mbete has announced that voting on the motion of no confidence in the President would be by secret ballot, after Members of the NA have debated the motion. The sitting today, to consider the motion, starts at 14.00.

Section 102 of the Constitution provides for motions of no confidence in the President and the NA Rules provide for electronic or manual voting, in accordance with a procedure predetermined by the Speaker and directives to be announced by the Presiding Officer.


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