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Modern Edukayshun taking over the society.

Ogopoleng Mushi

Modern Edukayshun.

Gobble gobble, Black Twitter! The week has come upon thee. Tell me now, are we allowed to be mocked for being woke? Would you consider what I am to tell you, a fair satire or white privilege mocking others for being woke? Shhh! settle down now, you will need that energy to give me your response.

Let us decide if we want to see the best in people or if we want to see the truth in who they really are…

Before we get into it. Let us discuss this thing of modern education and its “benefits”for our community. Most people think that modern education is a teaching that helps build the minds and characters of those that are eager and inquisitive about life. This is why it is implemented in schools while things which were previously considered important are chucked right out the door, religion being a basic example. Topic for another day. What modern education actually is, is far more than that; whoever implemented it had an agenda and mandate way bigger than any of us can ever imagine. In children, especially, it is a type of a “FREE ACTIVITY in which the child is allowed to develop by doing as HE pleases.” This is in summary a form of law that allows people to create and believe their own truths by determining- through their own experience- what they want to accept as truth. Now you’re not surprised why people have started marrying trees and themselves, huh?

Talk about open mindedness. Just when you thought philosophy was founded upon fundamentals of knowledge and reality… Surprise!





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