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‘When you thought academics had boring lives!’ -Meet Tumelo ‘Dukes’ Rasebopye

Ogopoleng Mushi

Full name: Tumelo “Duke” Rasebopye

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Relationship status: Single

Date of birth:  09 December 1989

Institution: University of Pretoria

Currently studying: MBA in Development Studies


Things you didn’t know about Tumelo

  • Tumelo used to be allergic to a whole lot of things! He was mostly allegic to dust, eggs and milk “and then one day I woke up like this!” said Duke. He outgrew all of them!
  • The name Duke is actually NOT his real name! Half of the people Tumelo knows allegedly call him Duke and probably don’t know who “Tumelo” is. “I’ve been generally smart since I was a kid. I have an issue with what people call each other such as this modern trend where people are comfortable saying bad things in how they call you. Maybe it’s because of my Christian background; the man you are to become is based on the name you are given.” Tumelo also mentioned that he is the Duke since the highest order after the line of the King, in this case being God.
  • Tumelo is ‘Demisexual’… let’s take a pause so this word you don’t know can sink in… This implies that he does not find women sexually appealing unless he has feelings for them. Do we need more men like this or what? “I’m single, because these things happen. More than anything I think because I’m a demisexual I need to have a strong personal and emotional connection with someone. It just generally takes time for me where I’m fully convinced emotionally of a connection between the individual and myself,” said Duke.
  • He finished this interview at the airport while waiting for a flight to Taiwan.
  • He works for the Centre of Sexualities, Age and Gender (CSA&G) as a programme coordinator for communities, training them and educating them on sex and gender, gender-based violence and sexual harassment.


Role Model: “I don’t have one particular role model. I think there’s just generally people I look up to. The men in my family are great role models. Growing up, I didn’t have a great relationship with my father, still don’t have a relationship with my father but the men my mom’s sisters got married to are great men. They’ve raised me, they’ve put great value in me and they’ve put substance in my head in terms of knowledge and education. They’ve put substance in my heart, in terms of how I relate to people and I think they’ve put substance in my mouth as well, where they’ve allowed me to articulate what is important in life.”


Favourite colour: Duke has two favourite colors, unlike the rest of the world…“there has been a waging war between blue and green for years and so far none is winning.” Weird huh? He’s still keeping the color battle score!

Favourite music: “No genre in particular. Anything that is thought provoking and reflective. It could be anything. Songs that make me feel whatever I should be feeling and have thoughts on what I should be having,” said Duke. This actually makes so much sense ff you think about it, unless you’re not a real music lover!

Favourite quote: “You are only as good as you think you are.”

Favourite food: ‘Plate’… that’s what he calls it. Plate could be any African traditional food. In his own words, “In amendment to that ‘Sphatlho’ done right. You never go wrong, you’re forever satisfied.”

Favourite holiday destination: Mozambique. “It’s lovely, it’s fantastic! But I really crave Thailand, I think once I’ve been there it will be my favourite holiday destination.”


Duke chose to further his studies to set an example for the little ones in his family, and also to better and broaden his chances in society.

Tumelo does not consider himself a geek, he rather considers himself to be a critical thinker.

He has a acquired a love for festivals, which was as a result of his love of traveling. “It doesn’t have to be anywhere far. It just has to be a new place, that’s what traveling means to me.”

Favourite soccer team: Kaizer Chiefs. No Support for the English premiere league or La Liga. “There’s only one heartache a man can take at a time. I do like Germany, as a national team.”



Tumelo and family

  • Tumelo has got a very lovely relationship with his mother, Dorothy Hermina Rasebopye. “My mom understands me. She understands that I’m special and unique.”
  • He has two older sisters. Lerato is one and she has twins! How cute is that? Lerato is also deaf, which means Duke is fluent in sign language. Duke’s other sister is Koketso and she has a daughter. “I’ve got a lovely relationship with their children”
  • Tumelo “Duke” went on a lovely cruise with his family not too long ago. A combination of two things that are very close to his heart, family and travelling.



Academic background

Primary school

Duke went to Burger Right Primary School from grade 1 to grade 4. He then had to move to Glenhazel Primary in grade 4 after his parents’ divorce. Because of this, he had to repeat the fourth grade. Duke told Weekly Xposé: “Repeating a grade actually served as a confidence booster for me, I generally did very well, I was ‘trapping’.”

High school

He went on to Hatfield Christian school JUST for the soccer! “I mean I had a bursary for Jeppe Boys High but I went to Hatfield Christian school because I love soccer. They had soccer there so I went. No other reason but soccer.”

Higher education

Duke had to go to Varsity College for a year because he qualified for a diploma, which meant he could not get university entrance. He then went to UNISA and did a year of LLB, which he soon left because he got bored. “I don’t know if it was the person giving me a shadowing who was boring or what it was. Then again I wanted to do labour law which meant I’ll be in the office. I wanted human interaction so I switched over to Industrial Sociology and Labour studies.”

Tumelo finished both his undergraduate and honours in record time and is now doing his masters.


Tumelo Rasebopye’s graduation ceremony with his friend Tebogo Moguro



  • Running, although he has a 2015 injury. Duke has a great love for running.
  • Eating biltong… let it sink in. This is a REAL hobby this guy actually has. We will leave it right there.
  • Soccer. One of the reasons why he went to a high school which had soccer and left the one which gave him a bursary was simply because of soccer!
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