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Makhosi Khoza charged by ANC – reports

African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament Dr Makhosi Khoza has officially been charged with ill-discipline, according to reports.

Khoza has made headlines recently for being an outspoken critic of President Jacob Zuma, and the ANC has taken offence at her breaking party decorum by airing her views in the public domain and not through party structures.

According to Huffington Post, who have a copy of the charge sheet that was sent to Khoza, the MP says some of her Facebook posts have been attached to the ill-discipline charge sheet.

Last week the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal  said it was of the firm view that Khoza “has now crossed the line and must immediately face the consequences of her actions”.

In a statement issued by provincial party spokesperson Mdumiseni Ntuli last Wednesday the ANC said: “Cde Makhosi is a member of the ANC and a deployed MP who is not immune from the political discipline of the ANC. Her public stunt and participation in platform intended to replace the societal leadership role of the ANC constitutes a blatant betrayal of the core values of the ANC”.

The ANC said Khoza’s latest public pronouncements represented the “worst form of arrogance” which is completely at variance with the conduct expected from those representing the ANC.

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