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Wild elephant kills a man in Nepal

Kathmandu, July 21 – A wild elephant mauled a 58-year-old man to death early Friday near a wildlife reserve in south-eastern Nepal, police said.

The man was asleep at home when the elephant entered the village of Belka in Udayapur district, said Nara Bahadur KC, a senior police officer.

“His family members fled their tin shed home, but the man had poor vision so he couldn’t run fast enough,” he told dpa.

The man was found dead a few yards from his home near the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, a sanctuary close to the country’s largest river Koshi.

The protected area covering three districts in the south-east is home to wild animals including elephants, water buffalo and rare species of birds.

Earlier this month, a leopard killed a 13-year-old girl who was sleeping at her home in Nepal’s far west.

Conflict between wild animals and humans has increased in recent months in Nepal, raising concerns about the safety of people living near protected areas.


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