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BLF distances itself from Makhosi Khoza’s death threats

Staff Reporter

Johannesburg, July 16 – The Black First Land First (BLF) has distanced itself from the allegations that it is behind Makhosi Khosa’s death threats and says it believes that this are desperate campaign by the white media to tarnish the name of their revolutionary movement through fake news.

“The story peddled by the white owned media about BLF’s telephone number being associated with the alleged threats on the life of Dr Makhosi Khoza, is a cheap fabrication. BLF does not and will not fight black people, including those we regard as askaris. This fact is known to the white owned media that continues to play ignorant. In this respect, the white owned media hopes to generate a situation of black on black violence in our country”.

BLF said its members would NEVER make such threats to a black person, and that they hold high the principle of “peace amongst blacks”. The BLF said they also have an official policy called the “BLACK CODE ON HOUSE NIGGERS & SELLOUTS”. The BLACK CODE is said to mandates BLF to defend all blacks even those they disagree with.

“There is no way that BLF could threaten any black person. We reject with contempt the attempt to link our movement to the phone number through which the calls were ostensibly made”, said the BLF in its statement.

The movement said it believes that there must be a white person or persons behind the attempt to smear their organization.

“We don’t regard Dr Khoza as a political anything. She is just loud and irrelevant. Moreover since she is black we won’t, under any circumstances, threaten her. The white owned media needs to understand what BLF stands for and stop peddling cheap lies”.

BLF said it is under massive attack from white monopoly capital and it also said that the media reports under reply are generated as part of the onslaught on the organization.

“We won’t be deterred. Land must be returned by any means necessary”.

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