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UDM unfazed by the SACP’s decision to contest in the 2019 elections alone

Staff Reporter

Johannesburg, July 15 – The United Democratic Movement (UDM) said that it has noted that the South African Communist Party (SACP) will be contesting the 2019 National and Provincial Elections alone.

“In order for the SACP to prove that they are serious about this plan, all the party’s Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and Legislatures, as well as Councillors, should immediately resign to prevent access to Government monies and resources to bolster their campaigns”, said the UDM in its statement.

The movement said the whole exercise by SACP, is a stage-managed ruse to draw attention away from the lame African National Congress (ANC) leadership whose credibility is shot.

“The SACP is therefore stepping into the limelight to take the moral high ground, for now, and once the results are announced in 2019, the SACP and the ANC enter into a coalition government”?

The UDM said that proof will therefore be in the pudding and only time will tell whether the SACP is serious about really separating itself from the ruling alliance.

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