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BLF welcomes President Zuma’s support of black lawyers

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Johannesburg, July 15 – The Black First Land First Movement (BLF) has on Saturday commended President Jacob Zuma for his swift response to the demands of black lawyers. This is after the president ordered Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha to attend to the concerns raised by members of the Black Lawyers Association (BLA), who protested on Friday at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

“That’s what is called leadership”, said the BLF on its statement.

The movement said that it commends the President of the country for such exemplary leadership.

“Black lawyers in South Africa suffer the impact of racism. The briefing patterns by both the State and the private sector attest to the established anti black practices. It is necessary for black lawyers to assist in the fight to end racism in this country so that all black people can get treated with the dignity they deserve. Black lawyers are black before they are lawyers”.

BLF has called on all black professionals to join the struggle against racism and white monopoly capital.

“No black person can be free from racism irrespective of her or his level of education, competency or experience. We must unite and defeat racism. We must defeat the economic exclusion of all black people”.

BLF said that it will ask for a meeting with the BLA so as to take the struggle forward.

“We will also monitor the implementation of the Presidential order and to this end shall provide support whenever necessary”.

The movement has also called on President Zuma to continue being an hands-on President.

“We ask that the President responds with the same speed, as he did regarding the issues of the black lawyers, to all the legitimate concerns of our people”.

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