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Trump hits on French president’s wife… in front of him… in front of the world (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump told French First Lady Brigitte Macron that she is in incredible shape, after eyeing her up and down, before telling her she’s beautiful.

The world has reacted with vigour. This is the same Trump who was recorded years ago saying that he grabs women by their private parts. It also adds a dimension to his comments, which are out of place already, because of the chauvinism he was criticised for during his campaign for the presidency.

Just why the US president thinks it is okay, in a formal occasion, to eye up a woman, and then comment on her body is beyond us, and, it seems, the rest of the world. Perhaps having Trump as US president has its benefits: it brings into stark reality the pervasive chauvinist, masculanist, patriarchal values than run to the very core of society.

Have a watch below, at Trump “checking out”, then feeling entitled to tell Macron how “hot” she is:

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